The Final Decision Is Up To You

The Liberty CCR has a range of functionalities, but there is one that it does not have and it will never have: It cannot make decisions for you.

A number of devices used not only in diving are prepared to shut down at any time if there is an indication that something is not right. This can occur due to a minor malfunction, erroneous diagnostics or lapse of the service interval. The Liberty CCR is designed differently. It warns of a malfunction (if any), but leaves the decision of whether to postpone or to embark on the dive with a partially damaged apparatus up to you. If you decide to dive, the apparatus will do everything in its power to regulate the supply of oxygen despite the damage. An example of this is the feature enabling the apparatus to switch on automatically upon being submerged in water. This is intended primarily for divers who forget to switch on the apparatus before entering the water. But it can also be used in a situation where, for example, you destroy both handsets while transporting equipment in a flooded cave. When entering the water, the apparatus will switch on automatically. Though it will not be possible to change the setpoint, the Liberty will at least be functional and enable you to get out of the cave alive. However, this feature of the Liberty CCR comes at a cost. In return, it is expected that you will make sensible decisions. Can you go out to extricate a snagged anchor when you have one faulty oxygen sensor? Can you dive to 100 meters when you have one dead battery and the other one’s indicator is in the red? It’s your call. Choose wisely.

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