Dimensions and Performance

Weight of the Liberty CCR prepared for diving (without ballast): 36.5 kg (80.5 lbs) 
Transport weight (without tanks, without scrubber filling): 23.5 kg (51.8 lbs) 
Endurance according to EN 14143:2013 (CO2 production of 1.6 l/min): 2:48 h 
Endurance with CO₂ production of 1 l/min (corresponds to increased effort in cold water and at great depth): 4 h 
Endurance with CO₂ production of 0.7 l/min (corresponds to moderate effort in favorable conditions): 6 h 
Maximum depth in tests according to EN 14143:2013: 100 m (330 feet) 
Depth gauge precision test: 350 m (1,150 feet) 
Pressure test of all components: 600 m (1,960 feet) 
The deepest dive we are aware of: 183 m (600 feet)

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