Backplate, Regulators, Bcd, Ballast

All parts of the apparatus, including the attachment straps, are attached to the backplate. The backplate continues downward with the base, which transfers part of the apparatus’s weight to the diver’s lower back, protects the tank valves against damage and serves as a pedestal for standing the apparatus on the ground.

Equipment seen on the back of the Liberty includes the noticeable ballast pouches attached to the tanks. These pouches feature downward-hanging red “rip cords” for emergency jettisoning of the ballast. Firmly attached to the backplate are the first stages of the regulators (reduction valves), which reduce the high pressure of the gas from the tanks to medium pressure of 8.5 bars relative to the ambient pressure. The gas is then distributed by the hoses to the necessary places in the apparatus. The buoyancy compensator (BCD), which is structurally designed as a “wing,” with and without bungees or a “donut” and is visible on both sides, contributes to the outline of the overall rear view of the Liberty.

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