Training boom scenario

Training of divers and instructors is available already with the IANTD, TDI, ANDI, IART and PSAI. A few other technical diving training agencies are to follow shortly.

Choose from the list of CCR Liberty instructors.



Factory training

A direct training from the manufacturer is available for instructor trainers, corporate and government customers.

Instructor Trainer

The purpose of the course is familiarization of CCR Liberty to already highly trained and skilled eCCR instructor trainer. Standard eCCR procedures are not covered. This course itself is not a qualification for teaching diving with CCR Liberty. Qualification to teach is necessary to obtain from a training agency.


Extensive experience with eCCR diving (any type of eCCR)
Trimix Instructor of internationally recognized training agency
eCCR Instructor Trainer (any type of eCCR) of internationally recognized training agency
Ownership of CCR Liberty (or unlimited access to a personal unit)
Insurance covering medical expenses incurred because of a possible accident


Try dive

You can try diving with CCR Liberty; please see the Events page.

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