Easy maintenance and repair

All connections within the parts of breathing loop are easy to disconnect for cleaning and disinfection. Corrugated hoses are connected to the counterlungs and to the head via easy to operate bayonet connectors. The same bayonet connectors are used for the ADV, bypass valves and OPV. Counterlungs are affixed to the harness with quick-release stainless buckles. It takes less than one minute to prepare a corrugated hose assembly and a counterlung to rinse.

The head is also the hearth of the CCR Liberty. It contains the control units, all sensors, batteries and solenoid valves. The whole assembly is divided to several compartments for easy maintenance and repair.

For example when one of four depth sensors breaks down, it is automatically excluded during a dive, so dive can continue as usual. After a dive you can order a new depth sensor compartment, which contains two sensors (the coarse and the fine one). The sensor compartment is user replaceable, no soldering required. Just remove a few screws and plug the new depth sensor compartment equipped with a watertight connector to the socket inside a head.

Most of the repairs consist of an exchange of the relevant compartment. It is fast and easy.

There is only one exception – the control unit boards. They are situated inside watertight compartments inside a head. We can service them in the factory only, because a pressure test to 600 m (1900 ft) is an integral part of this procedure. Of course, the control units’ software (i.e. firmware) can be updated by user.

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