Fault-tolerant rebreather

4 oxygen sensors
2 helium sensor – patented
2 methods of ppO2 measurement
2 independent computers
2 solenoid valves
4 displays


Anything can go wrong. No single malfunction in the electronic system can cause a breakdown of the whole apparatus.

Air-mass treatment unit

The unit is divided into two parts: the head, in which the electronics are concentrated, and the canister containing the scrubber.

Backplate, regulators, BCD, ballast

All equipment, including fastening straps is secured to the backplate. They are firmly attached to the backplate of the first stages of the regulators. BCD is a wing type.

Gas distribution

Both valves are rotationally attached to the backplate and thus comprise the lower attachment point for the pressure tanks. Therefore, the tanks do not have any rails or locks on the


The software’s main task is regulation of the partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing loop.


Rebreather aerodynamics

CCR Liberty has extraordinarily low breathing resistance. Breathing work 1.58 J/l at depth 100 m place the CCR Liberty among the world’s best.

Control system

The CCR Liberty is controlled by two interlinked computers.

Control system

Each computer has its own battery, two oxygen sensors, a pair of depth and atmospheric pressure sensors, and a helium concentration sensor. Each CU controls a separate solenoid.

Handsets and pressure gauges

Both handsets are identical. Pressure gauges are hose attached to the first stages of the regulators.

Breathing loop
Breathing loop

Hoses, counterlungs and the dive-surface valve.

Counterlung equipment

Some important devices are attached directly to the counterlungs. The automatic diluent valve (ADV), overpressure valve, manual bypass valves.

Air-mass treatmentScrubber air-flow

When breathing, a diver consumes oxygen from air and exhales carbon dioxide. In order for a closed circuit to function, the rebreather must do the exact opposite: remove carbon dioxide from air and replace the consumed oxygen.

Water trap


If you breathe on cold glass, it fogs. And what if you breathe for several hours on the inner surface of the air-mass treatment unit cooled by the water of the Arctic Ocean?

Easy maintenance and repair

All connections within the parts of breathing loop are easy to disconnect for cleaning and disinfection.

The head assembly is divided to several compartments. Most of the repairs consist of an exchange of the relevant compartment. It is fast and easy.

Dimensions and performanceDimensions

Width: 361 mm (14.2 in)
Height: 640 mm (25.2 in)
Weight: 36.5 kg (80.5 lbs)

The final decision is up to you


The CCR Liberty has a range of functionalities, but there is one that it does not have and it will never have: It cannot make decisions for you.

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