CCR Liberty User Manual

English | Version 1.10 | 16. December 2015


Firmware manager

FW manager for Windows can automatically download the latest version of FW from
the internet or you can use FW from a file (off-line). It can also be used for
the Divesoft Freedom computer. It is easy to install and use. No prior driver
installation is necessary, no special IT skills required.

Firmware manager for Mac

FW manager for Mac can automatically download the latest version of firmware from Internet. It is easy to install and use it. It is a new SW. Please report any issues. Thank you.

Firmware download

Version 2.8.0 | build 3890 | 6th December 2016

DSLoader and device driver must be installed first, read FW update instruction.
See the video tutorial. IT skills required. In the first place, use our new Firmware manager.

CCR Liberty Spare Parts Catalog

English | PDF 2.5 MB

Parts can be ordered directly from the catalog drawings via link to our e-shop.

CCR Liberty Spare Parts kits

Several spare parts kits in Divesoft e-shop.

CCR Liberty service operations

English | PDF 179 kB

Description of operations associated with the 1, 3 and 5 years service inspection.


Fast and easy setpoint setting

A common way to set the setpoint during a dive is via a shortcut. Two special values, “low setpoint” and “high setpoint”, are preset. These can be selected simply by means of a long press of the upper key (for the high setpoint) or lower key (for the low setpoint). Setpoint can be set to any other relevant value during a dive using the menu. Setting via menu is intended for use in special circumstances only.

Air pressure under connectors

You can feel resistance caused by the air pressure while attaching the buddy display, handsets and HUD watertight connectors. This overpressure is necessary! Just press connector by thumb and tighten both screws.

Helium reading

He reading values are not corrected in any way. Every kind of sensor has its own precision and value fluctuation. This means you can read, for example, small negative numbers.

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